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The transfer unit for data and biomaterials at the interface between Community Medicine and Molecular Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University Medicine Greifswald enables the use of data from the studies of the research association Community Medicine (FVCM), e.g. the "Study of Health in Pomerania" (SHIP), "Study of Neonates in Pomerania" (SNiP), or "Greifswald Approach to Individualized Medicine" (GANI_MED), coordinated with regard to application, provision and documentation.

Protecting the interests of the study participants, the research groups, and the applying scientists is an essential goal of the transfer unit for data and biomaterials. Transparent regulations and efficient procedures are essential for this.

The transfer unit for data and biomaterials management provides contributions to the conceptual development of population-related research in the areas of Community Medicine and Molecular Medicine. The timely processing of the increasing number of applications strengthens existing cooperation and promotes the initiation of new cooperation.

The transfer unit for data and biomaterials carries out its tasks autonomously. Organizationally, it is overseen by the "Study of Health in Pomerania - Klinisch-epidemiologische Forschung" (SHIP-KEF) department.

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